Alsace Facial Antioxidant


Antioxidant system for the control of the presence of free radicals in the skin. With hydration and toning benefits. Due to its natural vitamin C content, it provides an illuminating effect resulting in radiant skin.  Indicated for all skin types.

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Alsace facial antioxidant



Apply morning and evening with the fingertips on the clean skin of the face and neck, performing a circular massage.

Remember that daily use of sunscreen products is essential.


Dron X50 Antiaging™, Lipochroman™, Preventhelia™, Tripeptide- Complex 9, Phytoney CTG®, Optimhyal™, Venuceane™,  Vitamin C, E and B3 Complex


Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions1.61 × 1.85 × 6.57 in
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